WMS Parameters – Use mobile device session logging

If you want to debug some of the data coming back from the warehouse mobile device you can turn on the warehouse parameter which is called use mobile device session logging. This might be helpful if you have a new user and they are making errors you could log what is being captured from their session.


Once you enabled this and a user logs onto the mobile device and starts accessing menu items or processing functions then there is a log kept of what is going on. You can see this data in the Warehouse management\Common\Work user sessions.


If you locate the user that you might be trying to trouble shoot. The user will be the warehouse worker user.


If you then switch to session log tab you will see the message data. From here you can click the View XML button is you want to see the data in more structured fashion.


Keep in mind if you turn on this parameter there is a log of data that will be logged into the session log so you get prompted with a message to make sure the batch job for “Work user session log cleanup”. You can find this under \Warehouse management\Periodic\Cleanup\Work user session log cleanup.



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