If you have hit “about” then you must be a little interested in who owns this blog. My name is Lachlan Cash, I currently work for Microsoft as a solution architect on the Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP application. I decided to start fresh on a new blog to share information about the product I work with for others that might be interested in learning. I called it OrganicAX. One definition for the word organic was “developing naturally: organic change through positive education” so that inspired the name.

I had a blog in the past http://blogs.msdn.com/lcash where I specifically used to share information about a project I was working on in Microsoft. But with this new blog I wanted to try to share more. I decided to move hosting sites so I had more layout control and something that gave a better visual look and to add a custom domain so that it was a little easier to find when I try to tell people where to look for articles I might write. I didn’t want people bombarded with ads as well just focus on sharing things I learn along the way and trust others can benefit.



If you want to download the videos then see this post


Disclaimer: The information in this weblog is provided “AS IS”; with no warranties, and confers no rights. All blog entries and editorial comment are the opinions of the author.


26 responses to “About

  1. Thanks Lachlan. In this blog format, you will be able to express yourself more freely without boundaries. I’m impressed by the number of posts you already have posted. Happy DAX’ing and keep posting


  2. Lachlan, this looks great. These videos and articles are a great educational resource… even for the folks like me that are on the R&D side of AX!
    Interesting that you host the videos on Vimeo instead of YouTube, was there a reason for that?


    • Hey Chris I just liked the tools and service that Vimeo had to support a good screen quality in the playback. YouTube probably better for general search of videos for consumers etc but my main focus was to surface them on the blog to share with the community without having ads.


  3. Hi Lachlan,

    I found your blog very useful. Condensing a huge amount of knowledge into short videos that go straight to the point!

    Keep it going!



  4. Enjoyed reading the blog Lachlan – really helpful in clarifying just what some AX functions do in practise. Keep it coming, any chance on something on Intercompany Delivery Date Controls?


    • Hi David
      Thanks for the feedback. Delivery date control is not really designed to work in the intercompany scenarios it just works in the specific legal entity where the documents originate. I’ll follow-up with some walkthroughs to highlight the concepts and what you might be able to build on.


      • This might be useful, I have specified enhancements to ATP within the current legal entity to allow the calculation of available ‘partial deliveries’ – I just feel this is a disappointing area of AX, that inventory availability across the intercompany chain isnt powerful enough yet.


  5. Now i just discovered you page. it just about made my eyes water, thank for giving away this know how. for a project manager like me, having to know every little aspect of this massive software it is GOLD!

    if i could make a wish – it would be an extended video on product model configuration (incl. Subcomponents, and how the bom lines of thees are avtivated … i cant make it happen 😀 )


    • Hi Ruben
      Thanks for the feedback.
      For the subcomponents are you trying to conditionally include the component? Is the componented as existing BOM or something you will configure with the main item you are configuring?


      • Well, you know how you have Subcomponents? When i activate my Product Configurator, i only have the BOM Lines of the Main Component … somehow the Subcomponents arent activated. I know i am doing something not right 🙂 , but the configurator is such a great tool i guess it would be worth it to make a extended video on it. thanks for you reply.


  6. Hi Lachlan,

    Just wanted to say big thank you , as I have never seen such a well organized blog, touching all areas of AX with specific scenarios.Really it’s a great contribution to the community.

    I was exploring Warehouse management in R3 and came across your website and it really helped me a lot. Since then it become my habit to visit your website everyday.

    Thanks a lot and keep DAXing !!


  7. Hi Lachlan,

    I am a technical but i always wanted to learn from functional side and when i found your blog it becomes very easy for me to learn new things.

    Thanks for your huge effort on this blog.



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