Downloading videos from my Blog

When I setup a my blog I looked across the different technology platforms, because I wanted to mostly post videos I settled on because of it’s quality of play back, automatic conversion of the videos to different file formats and lack of ads.

Most people will probably get by with watching the videos from the embedded links in the blog post, some as I’ve had request would like to download.

If you want to download the notes are below, just a request:

  • Please leave the trailer in the video that reflects where the video came from.
  • If you are going to post on a different site please include the link back to the original blog post.

This way if people have question or want follow-up topics then I can do more in the spirit of sharing.

Ok so here is the couple of hoops to jump through to download.

The process will be slightly different if you have a login or not. If you don’t have a login step 2 will be different.

1. Hover over the embedded video in the blog.You will see the little heart icon for like. Click that.


2. This will pop-up a login box for If you have a login then login otherwise follow the prompts to create a free account.


3. At this point if you hover over the video you will see that you now have two icons one of which is share.


As well you can now click on the vimeo logo a the bottom of the video which will skip step 4 and put you on step 5.

4. If you click share you will get a URL to the video.


5. This will take you over to the video on and at the bottom of the video is a download button.


6. This will expand a tab where you can pick the file size that will work for you.





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