Transfer order basic process

In an earlier post I covered the transfer journal as a way to move inventory between warehouses. This is fine for adjustments but if you need to move goods between warehouses that are some distance apart and you might need a process to handle the shipping and receiving. The transfer order covers that need in AX. This video gives you are basic idea of the transfer order.

Keep in mind to show the basic flow I’ve left off the configuration on this item for warehouse picking process either in the WMSII or new warehouse features in AX2012 R3 to avoid showing an overly complex process. I’ll do follow-up posts to add this complexity back in.

This video was recorded with AX2012 R3 but the same concepts apply to any release of AX2012.



7 responses to “Transfer order basic process

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    • Hi Ahmed
      There is an option to scrap when do the receive if for example the goods were lost in transit for example. There are some complications in the process depending on how the transfer order was created for example if it was created with master planning from a sales order demand then you are likely going to have reservations and marking in place so you’ll have to work around that connection to decide how the customer order is fulfilled. I’ll follow-up with some walkthrough examples.


  3. Hi,
    First of all, excelent post; I followed all the process but when receiving this error appears “Quantity 30.00 cannot be received because inventory transactions with status Registered are insufficient.” I tried with other item but the same thing happened. What could it be?


    • Hi Ricardo
      Just check a couple of things, check the site, warehouse and other dimensions you are working with match. Check that you do in fact have inventory. Just check that you did the registration step.


  4. Hi Lachlan, Great post – but when I try and post picking list I cannot get the lines to appear, so when I process it just errors ‘no lines for posting’ but my set up seems fine. I have released work to WH. Any ideas? Thanks


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