Setting up PowerBI to access your D365 instance.

PowerBI is the primary business intelligence tool for D365 so when you setup your instance of D365 you will have to go an configure the connection between the two. You can see a written set of notes on the help wiki here

Configuring Power BI integration for workspaces

Here is a quick overview.

D365FO 1611 – Update3 (7.0.4307.16141)

It’s referenced in the wiki notes but you the website used in the video to setup the client id is



11 responses to “Setting up PowerBI to access your D365 instance.

  1. Thank you for this, i was struggling to make it work and you helped!

    however, i am confused how does the instance filter the dashboard objects according company? or everything should be done in power bi (filters and design) and just simple displayed in operations?


  2. Thank you for that post, it helps me really much.
    … But … when i click on my Budget workspace to “Get started Power BI” (i have already authorized power BI) i get the error message :

    “An error occurred getting the Power BI groups. Please contact your system administrator.”

    And i have really no idea what is the error 😦

    Maybe somebody have already an experience with this.
    Thanks you, Best Regards Patrick


    • Hey Patrick
      If you can access and see your content but not having luck with it from D365 try checking you settings again in system administration to make sure the app that is configured ok. You maybe prompted to authorized PowerBI often if you haven’t accessed the UI for a while. if you still have issues try raising a support case.


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  5. Thanks for your video. When trying to embedding reports (not tiles) in Dynamics 365 for F and O, sometimes it is not possible seeing the content. Any ideas?


      • Hi Lachlan,
        Thanks for your mail.
        When I click under options/ open tile catalog..
        I get this answer:

        This content isn’t available.
        Learn more about Power BI.

        If I click on “open power bi” then I can see the report. The fun thing is that if I try to open a report created with another environtment – but same tenant, then it would open the report (embedded).
        Have you or anyone following had this issue?
        Thanks in advance


      • Hi Martha

        Can’t say I’ve seen the same message. The open tile catalog isn’t available in all workspaces. What workspace are you using? If the report/content one of the Microsoft pbix files?


      • If, for just testing – we try retail financial operations.’
        Which will be:
        The embedded will work with data from an old setup.
        But not for reports made with data from the new updated setup.


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