External catalog setup using cXML in D365 – Part 1

In  previous post we had a look at the user experience for the requisition punchOut which uses the new cXML capabilities for the external catalog. In this post let’s have a look at the external catalog setup.

There are only a few parameters that you will need to fill in which is the vendor, category and the message format. The message format is really the key here and that is where you will need to do pre-work with your supplier as they will need to give you the “login” information to populate the cXML setup message. In this video I’m using a pre-configured message and we’ll go over the details of that message format in a follow-up post.

Here is a quick overview.

D365 July 2017 Update 8 (7.0.4565.16211)



2 responses to “External catalog setup using cXML in D365 – Part 1

  1. Lachlan, so far this is good information. I am not able to find the next video in this series to help with the setup of the cXml file structure. Just wondering if it has been published yet? Thanks for the informative videos.


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