WMS Allow put location override

When working in the warehouse sometimes the physical environment doesn’t match what is in the system. For example if someone moves inventory or a location becomes un-usable then the system won’t know about it so it might suggest locations to a worker that can’t be used. At this point it’s probably do you make the worker come back receiving area or do your allow them to find an alternate location.

This will vary business to business, depends what process you are looking to implement. There is a parameter on the warehouse worker setup that you can turn on to allow the user to override the suggested put-away location. When work is created the location directives will find a location but when the worker goes to execute the work they can then override the location if there is a reason the suggest location is in-correct.

Here is a quick walkthrough in AX2012


AX Build 7.0.1265.3015




4 responses to “WMS Allow put location override

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  3. I am testing this process and the put override seems to only work, when the selected location is empty. When i select a location that has inventory an invalid location message is received. Are you aware of a way to configure the system to allow put override to a non empty location.


    • Chris
      Does the location you are trying to change to as an alternative have a location profile that allows mixed items etc and is the item you are putting the same as the stock already in that location?


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