D365 for Operations – Creating a mobile workspace

In case you missed it there was a new mobile app framework released in update 4 that allows you to take data from D365 screens and present them in a mobile app. First you will need to download the app from your relevant app store, I’ll cover that setup in a follow-up post so you can see what it takes to configure the app.

Once you have that installed and you are running at least update 4, in my example here I’m running update5. You can start to create mobile workspaces which contain pages where the user will see a menu item they can click on and view and search the data. In this example we’ll walk through a simple example of creating the workspace and a simple page to list data.

This is a non-developer route to be able to see data on a mobile device. What is nice about this framework is that you can work offline in the data that you last synced with the cloud. This make it handy for data lookups when you are not connected. Obviously the data will be as current as the last time you synced. In another follow-up post we’ll have a look at updating data.

Here is a quick overview

D365 1611 Update5 (7.0.4475.35138)


If you want to read more details you can find a help wiki here.




5 responses to “D365 for Operations – Creating a mobile workspace

  1. Hi Lachlan, thanks for sharing this information.
    One small question; I also want to demo this at customers and saw you have a good working AirPlay client. Can you please share which client you are using and what your experience with that specific client is? Thanks in advance, Gerard


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