Production Order – Picking List – automatic BOM Consumption

When you need to consume materials onto a production order you can consumed them based on their relationship to the BOM. In a previous post we had a look at linking BOM lines to route operations. Let’s have a look at how we can generate a picking list to request the materials for production. AX allows you flexibility in when you generate the picking list for example if you have short productions then you might request material when you start. You might have long operations so you only pick when you need them. You might also replenish material on a manual system not tracked in AX and then just use the picking lists to indicate you have consumed some material.

So based on processes you will vary how you drive generating and updating the picking lists. There is a parameter on the start of production called automatic BOM consumption that you can use to vary how you have the system generate information of how you might want to update it yourself.

Here is a quick overview.

AX2012 R3 CU11



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