Owner dimension and supply side consignment

In the November/Fall released of D365 there was a new tracking dimension opened up called Owner. This is used in the new consignment stock capabilities. It’s important to note that the functionality is only setup for the supply side. Meaning you can’t sell consignment inventory with this released. You would have to purchase the goods which brings them into inventory and then sell. For those customers that have consignment business that take a commission on the sale of consigned inventory then you could look to add modification on top of this.

It’s also worth noting some other constraints on the functionality. Firstly you can’t use the advanced warehouse to manage the receipt of the stock. In the fall release you can’t use with batch items but this is being addressed in the upcoming spring released. You can see on the roadmap site. It’s also worth noting the model group should be setup to use standard cost or moving average.

Here is a quick overview.

D365FO 1611 – Update3 (7.0.4307.16141)




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