Export to Excel

Export to Excel is a ubiquitous feature you can find on any form in AX. While some forms have a button that is usually on the  main tab of a ribbon on a list page or on the general tab. If there isn’t a button then you can find it on any form if you click the File->Export to Excel menu or CTRL+T. Keep in mind that the data you get out is doing to be based on the underlying data sources on the form as well Export is as it says export. If a user has permissions to export and they put data in a spreadsheet that is then emailed then there isn’t any security context on that data once it has left the business application so users should be sensitive the management of data.

For administrators of networks you should also understand that Export is moving data from the database so if it has to travel of a network then some exports could be a large chunk of data. As well there are differences in how you can work with this feature and Remote Desktop Services that I covered in a previous post.








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