Trade agreement total discounts setup

This is a quick walk through of setting up total discounts for a customer. With trade agreements this is specified optionally in 3 ways as a singled discount, a tiered discount and a fixed amount. These are configured with the trade agreement or the price discount agreement journal.

This can be specified as a discount 1 %, discount 2 %. If you use both the fields for the % then it’s tiered as you will see in the walk through. The calculation is

((100 * discount 1 %)  + ((100 – (100 * discount 1 %)) * discount 2 %))

if we replace the values

((100 * 0.02) + ((100 – (100 * 0.02)) * 0.02))

This calculates as

2 + 1.96=3.96%

100 * 3.96% = 96.04

In the video you can see the result

So use the discounts as you see for encouraging the behavior you need from your customers.




6 responses to “Trade agreement total discounts setup

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  3. Hello Lachlan,

    Am very nw to AX 2012 and now have a request to adjust how discounts are applied to customer…
    The request is:
    For each customer, condition 1. If they pay on time they will get a percentage discount from their total(the exact base price), (the total on the invoice is a premium), condition 2. If the customer pays before the due date then another set of percentage discount is attached to their bill and finally condition 3. If the customer pays after the due date then they pay the amount billed on the invoice (bill at premium).
    Your help is greatly apprectiated


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