Setting up Visual Studio project with Lifecycle services to sync BPM

When you are setting up your Lifecycle services project one of the first steps you should do is create a Visual Studio project as that will allow you to store you work items for tracking with your project. One of these work items could be a business process. If you sync these over then you will be able to link them to other work items like bugs, test cases etc. Which can be handy for tracking progress on your implementation project by process.

The setup isn’t difficult new menus and concepts to get use to so here is a quick overview

D365FO 1611 – Update3 (7.0.4307.16141)

You can read more about Visual Studio team services up here

Visual Studio Team Services

One of the goods things is that for small teams it’s free so you can see more about the pricing here

Pricing | Visual Studio Team Services



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