Publishing the AX client with Remote Desktop Services

If you have are large geographic spread of your user base it’s likely that you are going to end up using Remote Desktop services in Windows or Citrix to host the AX client. The is especially true in low bandwidth and high latency situations. Remote desktop services has some good capabilities for published the app to allow users to find the icon for example through the RDS Web application. This video gives you a quick walk through of publishing the AX Client.

This video was recorded on Windows Server 2012 R2. The same concepts apply in Windows Server 2008 but the server manager is different. You can see some notes here

Some things to remember is what other applications users will use with AX for example Excel, Word, PDF reader etc. as you will also need to consider how these application will run and how the users will access them. See a previous post where I covered options for Excel.


If you want to know more about publishing icons to users desktops with RDS you can see some of the options here




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