Ship complete flag in AX2012 R3

There is a check box on the sales order header called Ship Complete that isn’t abled to be selected in a standard sales order. It’s used when the call center functionality is turned on and it acts as an option to provide an indicator that the customer doesn’t want to receive partial shipments. This is a quick walk through of how this works.

Now it would be nice if this worked without having to use the extra call center setup. Another thing would be nice is the check would also check the order reserve instead of the full physical reserve. This would be helpful in scenarios where you create the PO to bring in new inventory so you can reserve off the incoming PO you can still do this but the ship complete message won’t check this and so you will get an error message if you try to confirmation of the order to the customer. So likely some tweaking might be needed to improve the process.



3 responses to “Ship complete flag in AX2012 R3

  1. Hi Lachlan

    I am testing in AX 2012 at the moment, is there a way to remove this ship complete once it has been applied as I am having trouble with this


    • Hey Judi
      This is the same although it was restricted in a hotfix after R3 to be just used with the call center functionality in retail. There are some scenarios that would be nice if it was improved like integration with the WHS. There are also a lot of handling scenarios where it could be improved for scenarios like matching items together so specific items ship together and join up with the ship alone property on the item.


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