Processing a sales order credit

If you need to do a basic credit to a customer and return inventory then you can do that as a negative sales order line in AX. There is a button on the sales line called credit note that helps you find the original order to credit. This is a quick walk through of that process.

An alternative way to do this is via a return order which you can see an overview on this post.



2 responses to “Processing a sales order credit

  1. Is there a parameter that will also display the credit note (i.e. the negative transactions) in the credi note selection window? AX 2009 allows them to be visible but not AX 2012.



    • HI Eric
      I don’t believe there is a parameter in AX2012 for that. What is the reason for needing it? Is it so you can try to see if something as already been credited?


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