Edit Price Discount Agreement journals in Excel

In  previous post I did a quick overview of how to setup the service so you can use the Edit in Excel capability of the price discount agreement journals. In this video we have a quick look at how to use the Excel spreadsheet to create, edit and delete records from a journal.

One thing I didn’t point out in the video is that I created a new XLS sheet for the create step. The XLS sheet that ships with the application the way it’s is accessed it’s fine for the editing and deleting lines but in the Excel Add-in it won’t enable the Lookup button for you if you want that capability. I’ll cover that in a follow-up post on how to create a new XLS sheet to create the records.




Follow-up post


5 responses to “Edit Price Discount Agreement journals in Excel

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  3. Hi Lachlan,

    First of all, thanks for a great blog!

    One question on the behaviour of this functionality.

    When I edit an existing line in Excel and then publish it back to AX, instead of updating the existing journal line, a new line is created.

    I would like to behave as seen in your video, updating the existing line instead of creating new lines, which means that I have to delete the existing lines before posting.

    Thanks for your help!

    Best regards,


  4. Hello Lachlan,

    When I try to edit the lines in and excel and publish the edited lines, I get an error as “Illegal specification of account relation” This is for All Vendor Purchase Price for an Item.


    • Hi
      You might want to check the line type to see that it is going through as a price. In some cases the combination of vendor/item won’t be validate. So for example multi line discount you can’t specify item only group. So might just wanted to check if you can manually enter some of the lines you are trying to import.


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