Create new spreadsheet for price discount journal maintenance

In a previous post I walked through the basic actions of using the edit in Excel for the price discount agreement journals. As I mentioned there I had to create a new sheet for creating new agreement lines in the journal. So this is a quick walk through of that process if you wanted to customize the template your use.

Once you have saved the updated spreadsheet back to AX in the AOT then you will be able to use the sheet to create new records. Remember to use the clear function to clear out the sheet before creating new records. I found in R3 and R3 CU8 the xls shipped with the application you will get an error “An error occurred. The data in the workbook and the behavior of any add-ins may not be correct. Consider contacting your system administrator about this problem. Object reference not set to an instance of an object” when you create to create new journal lines.

Another thing to note that if you have a spreadsheet open for editing the lines for an existing journal then you will get an error when you try to hit the edit in excel button again from the journal because it tries to save to the same temp file which you already have open.  So if you get an error “unable to save data to the field” with a reference to the file name, good chance you already have that open in Excel so AX can’t update.



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