Coverage group – explosion time fence

When setting up the coverage groups for your items you need to consider the setting you have on your groups to reflect how you want plan for the related raw materials for the product. When doing this you need to consider the lead time of your components. For example if you set the explosion fence shorter than the lead time to either make or purchase your raw materials then the system won’t explode the finished goods so you see the requirement for the raw materials in time. Which will mean that you might be understocked when it comes time to make the finished good. So the explosion time fence is something to consider. Because you also don’t want to set it out too far in the future that the system will just be doing work exploding the materials needs but you won’t be looking at that data. So consider how you use the explosion time fence to match your planning needs.

Here is a quick overview.

AX2012 R3 CU10



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