Product configuration across companies

If you have multiple legal entities and are structured where you have centralized your manufacturing or assembly and the other legal entities handle sales then you can allow production configuration to happen in the sales order of the sales entity with the configuration of BOM, Route etc only needing to be stored in the manufacturing entity. This is handled because the new constraint based configurator in AX2012 is shared data. This video gives you a quick overview of that process.



5 responses to “Product configuration across companies

  1. Hi Lachlan,
    Enjoyed this walk through, but would like to make a few comments should you ever want to revisit this topic. First, while you show the transfer of and planning for demand between entities, you don’t pursue the actual transfer of a buildable configured product structure from the configuration done in the German company to the production side in the US company. Second, there isn’t any reference shown in the demand peg on the US company for a unique configuration ID in the German company for the configured product being sold by that entity either. It would seem to me that a functional walk through of this sort of functionality should make some effort to discuss these points as well.

    Best Regards,


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