Cross/Up Sell new features

There was some new cross-sell, up-sell features added to AX2012 R3 with the retail functionality. AX has had the ability to setup supplementary items and the operator on the sales line could look these up. With the new cross-sell, up-sell setup you can have these triggered automatically and associated with some notes on what you can tell the customer about why these are being suggested. This is a quick look at the basics of what these functionality does.



3 responses to “Cross/Up Sell new features

  1. Lachlan,

    I noticed that once you saved your line the upsell/cross sell dialog appeared. Is there a parameter in AX I need to set to have that dialog automatically appear?
    Currently when I save a line it does not even though I have items set with a supplementary or cross sell relationships?
    The alternative I use is to click on the sales order lines button > Calculate> Upsell/Cross sell or Supplementary Items.
    Nice blog post overall. Thanks.

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