Getting MPOS images setup for display


Matt a colleague was working on setting up MPOS images and shared some notes that I thought others could benefit from.


Ever wanted to get product images working on MPOS….  Well wonder no more…..

Product images 

· The chanel profile is where you can point to the website of where the images get stored.


· Open up IIS , position on that website and and browse the folders – you will notice that there are a bunch of sub folders for customers, products, categories etc etc etc.


· For example, in MPOS, when browsing products  by category you will notice that the category for Jewlery is a blue ring – see below.


In order to set that open up your category heirachies – remembering that the “Retail Category Heirachy” is what typically sets your product range over all, and has detailed sub nodes normally  – however with AX, we have the option of creating multiple category heirachies.  In our Demo Data, the Retail Navagation Heirachy is what is considered the “External Facing” heirachy used by ECOM and MPOS etc.  So for this example, and the way our demo data is set, open the Retail Navagation Heirachy and position on the fashion accessory Jewlery.  (Note here that I have opend the images menu from the top and here I can see the folder in which the “Default” category image for MPOS is being displayed.


· Now lets determine where the product images are stored and how do you define the sub directories.  Open up Product Information Management – Setup – Attribute groups, in here you can create a default set of attribute groups and you can assign these to the, category heirachy, the store or the catalogue.   In our demo data, the product attributes for  the Fabrikham product range has been set at the catalogue level – these are unions and not heirachy driven.

Attribute Groups – note for the image attribute, the sub directory of products/{productNumber} have been set.


Now lets view the catalgoue for Fabrikham – follow menu path “Retail – Catalogue” now position on the fabrikham base cataloge.  Here you see the default product attributes being assigned.


· So now we have the setup all defined and understand where things are coming from, grab your image which needs to be a png and needs to be named the following way.  {ProductNumb}_000_001.  The breakdown represents both number of images and whether the dimensions are utilzed.   If you simply have a product with no dimensions, then use the following naming convention {ProductNum}_000_001 for first image, _002 for second and so on.  Note the 5 images is a hard coded setting and you cannot change that through the client.  If you are using dimensions you can attach the picture to the dimension say color and it will change if you select a different color.  Right now I believe there is a bug which we will get solved.

Open IIS, and navigate to the media webiste and explore the folders


Ensure you are in the right directory


· Now launch MPOS search the item and review the images


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