WMS Wave template – Assign to open waves

When working with waves, one of the options you have is to allow a wave to be open and collect orders over a period of time. Then when you are ready or the wave gets to a certain level you can process it to create the warehouse work. When you are setting up the wave template for shipping you have the option to select the parameter for assign to open waves.

Here is a quick overview.

AX2012 R3 CU9




4 responses to “WMS Wave template – Assign to open waves

  1. Thanks for a great blog and videos!

    Is possible to add more work to existing released work? Or is this just useful when Waves are not processed automatically?

    For a production order more onhand has been found/delivered and therefore the users releases to the warehouse again. The existing work has not yet been picked up/started by mobile user. Now we always get a new work for the “new” items.


    • Hi Bjorn
      The Assign to open waves is more of a process of collecting orders over a period of time then when you think you have enough work you release the work to be executed.
      If you have work and then the floor person finds more stock you have some parameters to control if they can pick more, under/over etc.


  2. Nice work!
    Question is there anyway to consolidated production pick work when the wave is released. The same items appears multiple times when we release a “horizon” of production orders.


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