AR Parameters – Fulfillment rate, Fulfillment violation messages

In a previous post we had a look at partial shipments. If you are using release to warehouse from the sales order and you want to control fulfillment rates then you can have a look at the accounts receivable parameters for the company wide setting or on the customer settings for a specific customer control.

There are 3 parameters called fulfillment rate, Value type, Fulfillment violation messages which you will fine on the AR parameters and customer. Fulfillment rate for example if you set at 100 will allow you to control that the full quantity is handled. The value type can be set to price and quantity. Usually this will probably used at quantity, but could be set to price. Violation messages setting will allow you to control if the users is just shown a warning or and error to stop them releasing if it’s below the fulfillment rate.

Here is a quick overview.

AX2012 R3 CU9



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