Production Order – Operations vs Job Schedule

If you are working with production orders you want to decide how you want to manage the orders, there are many different aspects that you need to manage. One of these is the level of scheduling you want. In AX you can schedule are the operations level of the job level. Operations is handy if you want the system to tell you the day you should work on the productions where job level will give you down to the resource and individual time you should work. In most production there is usually a separation between what the order management systems and what the shop floor systems teams need.

If you want AX just to tell you when to start a production to meet the needs or the demand (sales/forecast) and then you leave it up to another system or the production manager to decide how things are managed on the day then operations scheduling is the right choice. This is usually good when you have a standard lead time you promise customers delivery of the goods and you will manage with overtime or extra runs to finish the goods to meet the order.

If you however want AX to give you more specific times to start and stop jobs then job scheduling is an option. This means you need to be very detailed about your route options, resources, calendars, master planning so that it can give you good enough times to help you plan your production day.

Once you have setup, looking at the production order you will have different information that you can use to manage the order.

Here is a quick overview.

AX2012 R3 CU11



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