Perform an action

If you are fan of using the keyboard when working with D365 for Operations then you might want to know about pressing the CTRL + ‘ to perform an action. Yes that is the single quote or apostrophe symbol. It’s a little hard to see on the label when you hover over the magnifying glass.

What this allows you to do is type in a menu item for the form that you are on. This is handy if you are on for example the customer record and want to see the customer balances you can just type balances in the perform and action box and press enter to open that form. This is handy if you don’t want to take you hands off the keyboard to pick up the mouse.

Here is a quick overview.

D365 1611 Update5 (7.0.4475.35138)

Update: Just as an additional comment you can find a link to the shortcut keys here. The alternative shortcut for this one would be ALT+Q.




4 responses to “Perform an action

  1. Hi Lachlan, Thank you very much for sharing this information. Unfortunately, it does not work on my German keyboard because the small quotation can only be accessed by hitting the shift key and CTRL+SHIFT+’ opens the AX help function. Do you know whether users can define their own shortcuts and change this one for example to CTRL+#? Best regards, Ludwig


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