Chart of accounts (COA) in Dynamics AX

If you are new to Dynamics AX and have been using a legacy accounting system for a long time then there are some new concepts for you to learn. Firstly AX doesn’t have a fixed segment account number. The account is a combination of codes that get defaulted on to transactions based on defaulting rules these codes are called dimensions and those are used in combination with the normal or natural part of an account code to make up the full account code. The control is provide by the account structures.

This gives AX setup flexibility because you don’t have to go an pre-define all the accounts and you can change how you do analysis by changing the dimensions so minimizing the re-structuring efforts when you need to make organizational changes.

This video gives you a quick walkthrough of some of these concepts.

This video was recorded using AX2012 R2 but the same concepts apply to all release of AX2012. The dimension concept has existed in AX for many version before AX2012, the main difference in AX2012 the additional an management is all application configuration.



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