Purchasing policy – Requisition control purpose rule

If you have a mix of requisitions that you want to allow some expense type requisitions other requisitions for items that might need to be served from other internal departments, or planned, then it might be handy to know how the requisition control purpose rule works.

There are two options consumption and replenishment. Consumption is a regular request for items to be purchased. Replenishment allows you to use master planning to plan how the item is moved to the requestor. Replenishment might be based on requesting inventory that is stored in a warehouse like a spare part or it might be a internal request to make a product. The default order setting on the product determines what the suggested order is.

This is a quick walk through how this works and the parameters that you will need to take into consideration for this to work.

Some things you will need to consider.

  • Setup the policy option for the requisition purpose rule.
  • Setup the allowed categories in the replenishment category access policy rule.
  • Setup the item to be assigned to the categories that you have specified in the policy.
  • Setup the master plan to include requisitions.
  • Setup a workflow if you want to handle approvals differently for the replenishment requisitions to regular consumption requisitions.




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