InventSumLogTTS – disable all planning processes in CU11 and AX7

There have been lots of posts of the years on the InventSumLogTTS table and it growing in size and how to manage that. You will see posts like these

where the table has been identified as a large table slowing down performance in AX. InventSumLogTTS from the help text stores this “The InventSumLogTTS table contains a log of on-hand changes that have been made, which is used for net change master planning.”

Prior to AX2012 R3 CU11 the workaround ( was either to delete (truncate) the data or run master planning which should clean up that table. If you didn’t use master planning then the table was maintained but not needed because it’s master planning that looks at it so it’s safe to truncate it.

In CU11 and AX7 there is a new master planning parameter that you might want to have a look at called disable all planning processes. You can find this in the master planning parameters form.

Keep in mind that it’s helpful to turn this on if you are not using master planning, if you need to use master planning then you won’t be able to enable this parameter.

Here is a quick look at where you will find it.

AX2012 R3 Cu11 and AX7





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