TAM Parameters – Default customer hierarchy

In a previous post we had a look at setting up a customer hierarchy for trade allowance management. If the new one you create is going to be he one you use the most then you might want to set it as the default in the TAM parameters.

Here is a quick overview.

D365 1611 Update5 (7.0.4475.35138)

AX2012 R3 CU11



3 responses to “TAM Parameters – Default customer hierarchy

  1. hi lachlan, I have a few questions for you regarding Customer Hierarchy on D365. How are most Apparel companies using the hierarchy and what are the + and – of the current structure. Also what is the roadmap for this function. Thank you in advance.


    • Hi Ana
      You might want to look at from two perspectives. One Admin the Second is analysis. If you have a lot of customers to administer and they get basically the same allowances and covered under the same fund then maybe create a hierarchy for that group. This will help with analysis if you want to build some reports based on that group.

      For roadmap best to keep and eye on the site http://roadmap.dynamics.com as well if you have feature suggestions then have a look at the new portal here http://ideas.dynamics.com



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