Sales price margin alert in AX2012 R3

There was a lot of new features peppered through the sales and marketing, retail functionality in Dynamics AX 2012 R3. One of those in was a margin alerts feature that provided a visual indicator if the sales price was in a tolerance limit. It could be used when you allow the sales team some flexibility in providing discounts to win a sale but still want to maintain a reasonable margin.

I think it’s an ok start, I’d like to see it expanded to allow margins by type of products as having a generic margin across all products wouldn’t be typical unless a customer sold only one class of product.




2 responses to “Sales price margin alert in AX2012 R3

  1. Does this also works in the POS. To avoid cashiers giving to much pos discounts? Or does something similar exists in the POS to warn the cashier?


  2. Hi,

    Is this also available in the Retail POS? Or is there any other option to avoid cashiers give to much discount so products are sold with a loss? I have a customer where some of their products have very low margins so it’s important for them.


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