Credit card setup and use on sales order

The usage of credit cards is a given in most countries and types of sales or goods and services. Dynamics AX has credit cards process functionality that you can setup so I give a basic walk through of the setup and usage on a sales order transaction in this video.

I talk about it a little in this video which is the payment connector. Dynamics AX comes with 2 connectors one a test one which is what I use in this video and the second is a connector to Dynamics Online payment services. Without a connector you don’t have a gateway to the processing company who is providing your merchant services. You can read more about the Dynamics Online providers here

If the providers that Dynamics Online support are not one of the companies that you want to work with then you will have to create your own payment connector. This request getting the payment SDK from Microsoft support and developing a connector. This is likely if you are outside the USA because that is where the Dynamics Online payment services is supported. And there are other differences that you will need to consider which I’ll cover in a follow-up post.

One good thing about the payment connector architecture is that if you are in retail once you have setup the payment connector it’s used for the online sales through the ecommerce site and POS.

I didn’t cover in this video concept of voiding, transactions, splitting payment etc. I’ll aim to cover those in future posts.

In this video I show Dynamics AX 2012 R3 but the same setup applies for any version of Dynamics AX 2012.

If you want to read more about credit card processing in AX2012 then you can have a look at the whitepaper posted here

“Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 White Paper: Credit Card Processing




3 responses to “Credit card setup and use on sales order

  1. MSFT will discontinue the payment service on Jan 1, 2018. And we are current using it to connect to our payment provider First Data to process AX sales order cc payment. Do you have any recommendation? You mention getting payment SDK from Microsoft support in your blog. Is it something we can try as a possible solution moving on? We are on AX 2012 R2. Thanks.


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