Deploying AX2012 R3 in an Azure VM via LCS

The cloud has no doubt got a lot of hype over the last couple of years but with the continued innovation in Azure and the work the AX team are doing to leverage this it’s certainly the time to really explore the options this opens up. This is a quick walk through of how to get a AX demo environment up and running with Lifecycle Services and Azure if you want to start exploring.

Keep in mind in this example it’s a single VM being deployed with all the AX components on it. You wouldn’t run in production in this mode and you would still have to do your planning like a deployment in any other data center to work out what is the right number of machines and configuration for your needs. There are other tools in LCS to help with sizing the amount of machines like the usage profiler and the infrastructure sizing tool.

You can access Lifecycle Services here

You can start here to understand more about Azure.



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