Failed to create a session when running synchronize database

If you are testing out applying CU8 to R3 and have setup a demo database to use for testing you might run into this error when trying to synchronize the database. The error message is

Failed to create a session; confirm that the user has the proper privileges to log onto Microsoft Dynamics.


Likely if you have used the test data transfer tool. You can find this on Lifecycle Services under a tools download section while logged on with the new experience. As well it’s still on the service section of InformationSource but this is being decommissioned so you are best to locate the new place for it on LCS.

Anyway if you have used the tool and copied the AX demo data you will end up with partitions in the partitions list but the userinfo table records won’t be updated to allow your admin user access to the partition.

For my demo environments I do this with a little bit of copy and paste with a few SQL queries.

If you access SQL run a query to locate the recid’s for the partition for the DB you are working on.



FROM [MicrosoftDynamicsAX].[dbo].[PARTITIONS]


To manually create the new Admin you will need to have the SID for the user. If you are working in demo then this is Admin you might want to find the SID from the exiting user and copy that for the user you want to use.







FROM [MicrosoftDynamicsAX].[dbo].[USERINFO]

Once you have this data you can use SQL Enterprise manager to edit the userinfo table and create a new record for the partition that your admin user doesn’t have access to pasting in the relevant fields from the two queries. This is a quick walk through of how I did it.


As well you will see some threads on this in the community and other blogs that might be helpful for background reading.





3 responses to “Failed to create a session when running synchronize database

  1. Hi,
    I have “failed to create a session; confirm that the user has the proper privileges to log on to Microsoft Dynamics” error when trying to synchronize. I have same 3 partitions. In userinfo table there are around 20 users. I tried to create my user with steps in video but I can’t save the record. I added 1 in RecId field and maybe that is the reason?



    • Hi Joni
      Just check the ID field you are only entering 5 characters if you have entered one record already with RecID as 1 just use another int value. Also check the partitionID is valid, otherwise just check all the other fields that you haven’t entered a string in an int field etc.



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