Register serial numbers at sales ship time

There was a new feature added in AX2012 R3 (14/12/8 correction R2 CU7) ) that allows you to capture serial number just in the sales process. This is handy if you don’t really want to track serial number in inventory you just want to capture them at sales ship time. This is a quick walk through of how this works.



3 responses to “Register serial numbers at sales ship time

  1. We just installed CU7 and don’t see this option in the Tracking Dimension. Is there another upgrade we need to do. Is this CU7, or another addition after CU7?


  2. I did get an email from someone on the AX Forum stating that in AX 2012 CU7 – there is something similar in the Advanced Warehouse Management Module – but we don’t have that turned on. I was hoping there was something there. So – in other words, we have to wait until we get to R3? I am sad.


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