Setting up the public anonymous portal site – Part 1

In my previous post we gave an intro to walking through the portal setup for claims. This is the next part which is creating the public site for anonymous access. This site is needed because will need users to be able to access this to either site up or confirm their login details depending on the flow of how you will administer users for your portal.

For example if you have vendor scenarios then the vendor portal allows vendors to submit details via a signup process. If you didn’t have an anonymous site initially then you won’t have a place to capture their details until you configure them as a user. Or if you now the contact you want to add as a user but don’t know which external account they will use then you need a site for them to be able to confirm those details.

The anonymous site needs to be created via the SharePoint management PowerShell because it needs to be configured to allow anonymous access. You will see in the video the process of executing the command.

The command looks like this

New-SPWebApplication -Name “SharePoint80” -ApplicationPool “SharePoint80” -AllowAnonymousAccess -ApplicationPoolAccount (Get-SPManagedAccount “MYDOMAIN\myserviceac”) -Port 80 -URL http://mymachine


Use whatever you want to recognize the portal.


You a name similar to the site so you can match them.


This is the important parameter that we need do as it suggests.


You want to change the account MYDOMAIN\myserviceac that you have precreated for your service account usage.

-Port 80

I’m using port 80 on this machine in your environment or based on your network and security setup you might be using something else so this it pre-work you will have to do to make sure this works.


In this example replace the URL with you domain name for the machine.http://mymachine could be the machine name or more likely it will be the publicly resolvable name that external users will hit. for example.


Some TechNet articles you might want to look at for reference


Next post we want to configure the anonymous guess access in IIS, SharePoint and AX.





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