Punch out catalog message handler protocol setup

In a previous post we touched on the concept of the OCI protocol and how that is used in the punch out scenario. This video goes through the setup on the external catalog to handle the punch out and specifically you want to pay attention to the setup of the protocol. This will require a review in your requirements phase and testing to see if this will handle all the suppliers that you want to punch out to. Good chance if you have many suppliers you will have to customize a class of your own by copying the sample class to implement a message handler.

In this video I’m using R3 but this configuration is the same with any version of AX2012. If you didn’t catch the sample class name in the video it’s Sample_Code_CatMessageFormatterOCI40HTML. The table where you want to modify the protocol name to be able to specify it in the form is CatExternalMessageFormat



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