DIXF Show labels in the sample template

Sometimes when you are working with the data import you have to give the template file to a business user that might not be familiar with the underlying field names in the entities/tables. For example when the user sees a field on the form in AX it will show the label so they have to right click, personalize, on the form to see the technical name to make sure they have the right field. I thought it would be easier to see the label or as well the help text in the template so you can shorten this reverse engineering process. This is a quick walk through of what I changed.

You will see I added a select all button which I covered in this post.



PS. I’ll do an update to this with a link to the model for sample purposes.

4 responses to “DIXF Show labels in the sample template

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  2. All the features you are showing are excellent enhancements. Would they make their way into the next release? It seems silly not to put these enhancements into the default functions on DIXF. I am a functional consultant and want to use DIXF mysell. Your enhancements will enable me to use DIXF. Thanks so much.


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