WMS Use license plate tracking at a location

This is a quick walk through of the effect of the use license plate tracking parameter that is on the location profile setup in warehouse management. License plate was a new concept in the AX2012 R3 warehouse module. There are a few ways to conceptually think of a license plate for example could be a physical container used for moving inventory or could be a grouping concept for a collection of products.

There are places where you will need to have a license plate and you can’t use the new warehouse module without license plates setup on the item storage dimension as well there are certain functions like receiving at a inbound dock that will require a license plate. One you put the goods away then maybe you don’t need the license plate so there is a parameter on the location profile called “use license plate tracking” which will enable you to turn on tracking for those locations. The effect of this is that when goods are moved to that location the license plate is removed. This is a quick walk through of how this works.




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