WMS load receiving

This is a quick walk through of the basic load receiving process in warehouse management in AX2012 R3. If you are familiar with WMSII in AX from prior versions the item arrival registers the goods as being here on the receiving dock ready to be put away. There are a few different ways to register arrivals in the new warehouse management and this is one way with the load. The load could signal a truck or container where you expect to receive goods on which could be a number of purchase orders for example. The function in AX that is going this is   “load receiving” as a menu item on the mobile device.



2 responses to “WMS load receiving

    • Hi Wasiq
      I’ll say that depends on what part of the process you are referring to. You mention “register” so if you are talking about receipting a PO for example then it is designed to be done on the mobile device. Alternatively you could use an arrival journal but you will have to manually specific inventory/storage dimension information like LP if you are using license plate and location. The location directives won’t trigger for example because you wouldn’t be using “work”. So you will need to look your process and see how you want to manage the “work”



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