Released item alternative product

Sometimes you might want to use an alternative product when you are phasing out an item or when you don’t have inventory on-hand for the item. You can change the alternative item setting on the released product. There are three options:

Never – meaning the alternative product option isn’t turned on.

Nothing in inventory – When set if the item doesn’t have inventory the specified alternative will be used.

Always – This can be used when the item is superseded and so you don’t want to sell the old item or there is a quality issue and you don’t want to sell any of the item you have in stock.

Here is a quick walk through


Keep in mind these settings take effect immediately once you save the change on the released item. It would be handy to have this date effective if you know you want to start using the alternative from a particular date, you might be able to find this in an ISV solution add-on.




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