The New Dynamics AX

Last week was a busy week with the release to web of the new Dynamics AX, Tech Conference and training over the weekend. It was good to catch up with some familiar faces and meet some new people. With the release it’s probably a good time to start sharing information on the new Dynamics AX.

For my blog my aim was to share information about working with Dynamics AX and now with the new release most partners will be learning but also keeping existing AX2012 implementation going so I’ll aim to  keep going on AX2012 posts as well as start to cover the new Dynamics AX.

Given that we are not using a version reference or year in the product name anymore I’ll post the build number that I’m using for each video so you have a reference to check against to see if the feature I’m covering should be in your build. Here is a quick look at how to check the build number.




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