AX R3 Warehouse in manufacturing – end to end basic flow.

I started a series of posts a while ago and just completed it now to show a basic end to end flow of how you can use the advanced warehouse management in R3 to help in the materials movement in a manufacturing processing. It ended up being 5 parts to the series.

Here are the five links

Part 1. Covers the setup of new items, BOM

Part 2. Covers setup of the resources and route

Part 3. Covers planning and purchasing materials and receiving through the warehouse

Part 4. Covers the raw materials pick and report as finished put-away.

Part 5. Covers shipping the finished product.

One thing to note here is that there are many different roles involved in the whole process. There would be many roles in the organization interacting through the process, my aim here was not to show all the possible setups and variations but to give you a basic flow of the interactions between the modules.



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