Setting up an Android emulator with the warehouse mobile device

If you are working with a scanner that runs an operating system, most likely it would have been Windows CE, Windows Embedded for example. Now there are devices that run Android. So you if you are looking at getting one of these devices then you might want to use a Android emulator when you are testing the AX warehouse mobile device portal.

There is an option that can integrate with Visual Studio or as a stand alone install. You can find it here called the Visual Studio Device Emulator for Android

One of the nice things about this emulator is that it has a range of Android images that you can use JellyBean, KitKat, Lollipop, Marshmallow for example so you can look for what you scanner device might be running. These images are more focused on the phone but the foundation will be similar if a scanner device manufactuer took a distribution as the basis for their device.

Now there are a few pre-reqs to run it, namely the Android images are installed via a virtual machines that run under Hyper-V. So you will need to be running an operating system that runs Hyper-V. I’m my example I’m just using Windows 10. As you as talked about in the video you will need some networking knowledge to be able to connect the running device to networks with Hyper-V and the other VM or server running AX.

Once you have it setup the AX experience is the same because the mobile device is just a web page so it works pretty well.

Here is a quick overview.

AX2012 R3 CU9. While I was using CU9 this isn’t a dependency for AX.

In the video a well I’m scanning barcodes that I had pre-printed. The scanner that I was using in this example was just a USB wireless scanner, inputting to the page running on the emulator.



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