Using sound as feedback on the warehouse mobile device

In a post the other day we had a look at adding some color to the warehouse mobile device portal. If you are trying to make the user interface more useful you could also add sound. Usually a scanner will produce a beep when it successfully reads a barcode or a warning sound if it can’t. However you might want to have the application give a sound if the user scans or enters the wrong data.

You can add this with a little bit of modification to the HTML pages that run the mobile device portal. The choice of the type of sound is up to your creativity but you probably want to use something that is short and relevant to the issue that you want the operator to focus on. While you could play the latest Miley Cyrus song it’s probably not that productive for someone in the warehouse to hear. As you can see in this example I just used short sounds, in fact the file I found was called alarm that was on my windows machine which I thought was relevant indicating an error or a warning.

Here is a quick walk overview.

AX2012 R3 CU9. While I was using CU9 here this could be done on any R3 release.

If you want to copy the code from the video you can see it below. The sounds I got by searching my windows machine and found some files and converted them to mp3 file so you don’t have to do anything special other than use mp3 file if you are doing to test with IE. If you are using a differnet browser this might not play because of the different HTML standards each brower supports. So you will want to test on the devices you plan to use.


//Added test for label display to add the sound.

if (document.getElementById(“errorLbl”))


var labelDisplayText = document.getElementById(“errorLbl”).innerHTML;


//Check for Work Complete. This isn’t a good check because the text could be different on localization.

if (labelDisplayText == ‘Work Completed’)


//Play a success sound if it is work complete

document.getElementById(“errorLbl”).innerHTML = document.getElementById(“errorLbl”).innerHTML +





//Play  alarm sounds if the label is error or warning.

document.getElementById(“errorLbl”).innerHTML = document.getElementById(“errorLbl”).innerHTML +





I need to shout out to Zach from our team for some pointers on using the errorlbl as something to hook off.

I’d be interested in feedback to see if people see some value or if you were able to get it to work on specific devices.



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