Intercompany master planning.

If you have multiple companies in your organization and you manage inventory between them under various scenarios then you might want to explore the intercompany master planning. There are two approaches to executing planning. First is that you run master planning in the downstream company and then run it in the upstream company. Second is that you use the intercompany master planning.

In the first approach you will “manually” sequence the master planning runs in the different companies monitoring in the downstream company, when finished run in the upstream. With the intercompany master planning then you can specify the sequence and then run one process which will kick off the planning in each of the companies in the intercompany plan.

Here is a quick overview.

AX2012 R3 CU9.

As you see in the video the key here is making sure you items and related intercompany vendor is setup. If the item is not setup with a default vendor which is setup for intercompany then master planning doesn’t know that you have a supply relationship between these companies for the item you are running planning on.



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