WMS Mobile device menu – Start production order

There are a few different ways to indicate that a production order has started. You can use the production list page or the production order detail page. You can use the manufacturing execution terminal. If you are using AX7 you can use the additional feature of the job card device which was a migration of the functionality from the shop floor windows 8 app moved into the new AX7 client. Additionally with A2012 R3 and the new warehouse module you can also use the RF mobile device menu. The menu is an indirect menu called simply enough start production order. It’s a pretty simple functional that just does a status change on the production order to started. You might want to review you default parameters for example there are a lot of parameters that you can optionally use on the start of production like posting picking lists for example. These options you won’t be able to change on the mobile device menu.

Here is a quick overview.

AX2012 R3 CU10.



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