WMS Mobile Device indirect menu items – compile of posts.

If you are setting up the warehouse management module and going to use the RF mobile device menus, you will likely setup indirect menus. Here is a list of posts that cover how these indirect menu functions work.


WMS Indirect activity menu – About

Change warehouse

WMS Indirect activity – Change warehouse

Location enquiry

WMS Indirect activity – Location Inquiry

License plate enquiry

WMS Indirect activity – License Plate Inquiry

Start production order

WMS Mobile device menu – Start production order

Item inquiry

WMS Indirect activity – Item Inquiry

License plate build

WMS Mobile device menu – License plate build

License plate break

WMS Mobile device menu – License plate break

Driver check in


Driver check out


Change batch disposition


Display open work list

WMS Mobile Device menu – display open work list


You can see the main TechNet help topic page here.





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