Errors running a report on the CU11 VM.

I’ve had this issue a few times using the R3 CU11 VM which seems to be a known issue back in RTM, R2 but I’ve been lucky enough to not see it until CU11 so not sure if it’s a regression. But if you run into it you can find these notes on LCS


The formatter threw an exception while trying to deserialize the message: There was an error while trying to deserialize parameter The InnerException message was ‘Element ‘’ contains data from a type that maps to the name ‘’. The deserializer has no knowledge of any type that maps to this name. Consider using a DataContractResolver or add the type corresponding to ‘SRSQueryBuilderArgs’ to the list of known types – for example, by using the KnownTypeAttribute attribute or by adding it to the list of known types passed to DataContractSerializer.’. Please see InnerException for more details.


I found another post in the community that suggestion cleaning up the AOC files. I was able to get pass it by re-starting the AOS.



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