Changing Batch recurrence default times

I had a question working with a customer on better managing batch processes in their environment. After brainstorming for a bit we came up with a few different things for managing. One was education, better educating users on how to use groups and recurrence for example. This led me to thinking that perhaps changing some of the default values that are suggested on the recurrence window would avoid a few circumstances where the users don’t change the defaults and just hit submit.

The dialog for the batch recurrence is built on the fly by code. This is handled in the classes SysRecurrence, SysRecurrenceBuild, SysRecurrenceRun.

Looking at the SysRecurrenceBuild class where the dialog is constructed there is a method called defaultValue(). As it’s name suggests it adds the default values for the controls like minutes. The default is 10, so if we wanted to change this to something like 30.



When the dial runs the defaultValue is now displayed.


While this is very quick it’s a code modification and as the notes in the class declaration point out this is a framework class so you can’t guarantee the modification won’t be affected in an upgrade.

Also if I had a little more time I’d probably create a new parameter form and store these values as a parameter that I could administer from the UI in an implementation.



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